Saturday, March 14, 2015

14 March 2015

Today was a warm day, and I spent part of it walking around looking at the blooms on the trees. I've decided that with California having only about a year's worth of water, Nevada may not be here next year, but instead of complaining about the lack of snow, I'll just enjoy the warm weather for what it is at the moment. I'm not watering my lawn, however.

Today we went to Carson City, then I took a brief nap once home. Later we went to the food coop with the elder daughter. She drove. As she was driving on Arlington, a police car came up from behind, so she pulled over. The car went buy and stopped a guy in an SUV. He had his hands out the window at that point. We went to the store and were there for awhile, then we walked around the area with the dog.

There is a new restaurant right across from the GBFC called Pignic Pub & Patio. They were having some sort of party/soft opening thing going on. There were lots of people there. The police were still out, however, so when we got down to the street, we turned away from all the commotion and walked back. There was a quail standing on the white dividing line that separates the bike lane from the rest of the street. It didn't seem to move much even though cars were coming, but it could walk. Just a little way down the street there was a paddy wagon, a bunch of police cars and a news van. There were reporters there, I'm not sure what it was about.

That's basically what I saw in Reno today. In Carson we went to the Friends In Service Helping thrift store. They have a soup kitchen next door, and you can donate perishable food there. I loved the thrift store because everything was so neat and organized, and the clothing was organized by color and type, so it was easy to look for things.

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