Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1 July 2014

I am shaky today, even as I am boiling the water for the coffee I don't need. I'm angry. I find myself feeling angry frequently these days, not out of control anger that eats me up, but the kind that lets me say all the things I think, but don't say. I kind of pull my punches when I talk to others, I try to put a good spin on it.

::half an hour later::

I can't even write a tiny bit, not even a tiny bit. How can I ever write my thoughts. I can't. I have children. You don't get to have your own anger or your own thoughts when you have children. Instead of forming my anger at the larger issues in the world into words, I am looking for my teenager's extra pairs of glasses. She broke her main pair, and can find neither back-up. Meanwhile, I have had to plunge the toilet and clean up a pile of trash all around. I've found 4 empty eyeglass cases and a case with reading glasses. I've also found 2 pairs of sunglasses and 4 pairs of 3D glasses from the movie theater.

Children are mind control, they make your anger focus elsewhere. No wonder every society wants people to keep on just having children.

Screw it, I'm just going to Facebook.

OK, now the kids, my 10 year old and her 10 year old friend, are eating the potato salad I just made last night. But they are going to leave a lot behind on the plate, like the girl did last night. EAT WHAT YOU TAKE!!!

So this is what I was going to say earlier: We live in a world where we constantly flout God's word in the Ten Commandments in regards to killing. We start wars, invade countries, kill thousands. We support regimes that kill their own people, corporations give money to organizations that support the killing of gays, or that make money off the backs of slave labor. We deny the privilege that racism, classism, sexism gives us, and we keep on exploiting people for our own benefit. We criminalize people then use their criminal status as a reason to kill them or otherwise deny them of human rights. People walk around with firearms strapped to their backs and use the words Second Amendment Rights as a euphemism for killing someone who steps on their property. This is a lifestyle choice that constantly denies what God has told us about killing; it demonstrates an unrepentant heart. We deny what Jesus has told us about feeding His sheep, about Love being the greatest of Faith, Hope and Love. And then we are going to argue that a hormonal contraception that suppresses ovulation and makes it easier for the uterus to resist implantation is murder? That is irrational.