Thursday, December 29, 2011

29 December 2011

Today I was thinking, as I often do, about how I never update this blog. And I never will, I'll never be a blogger. Really, I'll never be that much of anything, I prefer to be a little bit of many things and some activities require too much depth of entry. I'd like to be a writer, but I doubt I'll ever even finish my one novel. I'd like to be a musician, possibly a music teacher, but I suppose that will never happen either. So here we are, the end of another year, with my only other entry from 2011 being almost a year ago. Nothing like a Christmas holiday and end-of-the-year sentimentality to drag something out of a person.

In Reno news, the weather is humid and warmish, temperatures in the 60s, it rained last night. This is the first snowless December since 1883, or so I've heard somewhere...NBC news, actually.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 January 2011

Yesterday was overcast, the heavy, monotonous kind that completely covers the sky. But walking back from the school to my car, I noticed over the Carson range a piece of blue sky surrounded by white; in that break in the clouds, I saw the sun shining on the top of the peak. It gave me this strange hope, as if it was a secret I had just discovered. As I was walking the dog around my neighborhood a few minutes later, I noticed there was more and more blue appearing, and the heavy cover was breaking up. By mid-morning there was sun out my window.

This morning when I looked out from my bedroom upon rising from bed, things looked white. It took me a second or two to realize that it was fog. It was a light fog, driving was no problem, but the mountains looked hazy, and the sun shining through made things rather lovely. But it was cold. Not that I felt any colder inside my fleece jacket, but my exposed skin felt almost stinging with the cold. I figured it was the humidity, although I noticed the temperature in the car said it was 23˚ out, which is colder than usual, I think.

I went grocery shopping right after that, instead of coming home first. Trader Joe's was practically empty, and I could actually stop and consider the things I wanted to buy instead of pushing my cart in the queue of all the other shoppers, and grabbing what I could when I saw something that caught my attention. I actually could look at things and see all there was and think about what we might eat. But it felt almost overwhelming, so I grabbed my usual things quickly, and picked up a few new things. That's pretty much what I usually do, although I bought more vegetables this time, and no alcohol. I ended up spending less money. I did get a gingerbread house kit for 99 cents.

The mountains looked really interesting coming out of the store, but today's overcast has been breaking up as well, and now the sky is blue and sunny. My sister wants to move to New Mexico where there is a lot of sun, but I told her that they count the days of sun by whether or not there was sun that day. If it later snows, the morning sunshine still counts towards the daily total. It might not be what she thinks it is.