Friday, April 1, 2016

26 March 2016

Saturday was a beautiful day, so I went and parked at the food co-op, then took a walk near the river. I saw a pick-up game of basketball at Barbara Bennett park as a woman in a pedicap rode by. In Wingfield Park, on the island side, some people were playing croquet, while on the western side, people were practicing tightrope walking on a slackline attached to two trees. There were a number of kayakers in the river, practicing on the eddies. Lots of dogs were walking by, and there were plenty of cyclists navigating the streets. I saw Daughter's Cafe and the statue of justice in front of the law office. The big chimes at the Lear Theater were sounding--later I saw people pulling them to make them ring.

I saw balanced rock art in the grass near the Truckee river where it runs along first street. Then I saw the artist, Reno's Hobo, Cyrus, with his bucket for donations. I saw people standing on the other side of the river, fishing. I saw people sitting outside the Hub coffee, and I saw a man who was riding his bike with a lot of his blankets stacked on top. He had a stack of blankets on his handlebars, and a cat sat atop them. He was petting and even kissing the cat, smiling, as he rode along.

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