Tuesday, May 21, 2013

19 May 2013

Today, Sunday, was a beautiful May day in Carson City. My choir had a concert at the First United Methodist Church there, and we had a little reception afterwards. It wasn't a well attended concert, but the people who were there seemed very appreciative.

Some of the women had carpooled from Reno, and they were going to go to the Olive Garden before heading north. They invited me along, so I ended up meeting them there, and we had a table for 8 with a jovial waiter. At one point a member of our group told him we were a choir, to explain some of the matching uniforms, and we joked about singing for him. After we had already ordered, one of my friends from church came in with a group from her daughter's musical show. It was their last performance, 2 hours before ours. We chatted briefly, and she returned to her table. We were all having fun, some of us drinking wine and chatting. Then a few servers came up and sang happy birthday to a booth next to us. We thought the singing left something to be desired, and I figured the 8 of us plus my friend at the other table could do a better job. I got her, and she came right over. Then I asked whose birthday it was at the table, and she told me her name was Cheyanne. So I stood there and started us off, since no one else wanted to, and I must have picked a good starting note, because we sounded great. My friend, who sings in the church choir with me, but not the women's choir, does a good harmony for Happy Birthday. The restaurant chatter died down as people listened. It was actually fun to sing a song like that, the sheer joy of singing something to celebrate another person.

So it was a fun night, and then later, the waiter came over and told me I was awesome for doing that. I guess sometimes when I want to do something, I can get it going.

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