Saturday, April 20, 2013

13 April 2013

I was driving to South Suburban Reno to do a publicity mailing prep for my choir on Saturday the 13th. I turned onto Lakeside from McCarran and drove towards the Bartley Ranch area. Just in that one little stretch of road where there is an apartment complex next to a shopping area, I saw some interesting things.

There was a garage sale like thing happening in the grass between two apartment buildings, but it was really an overstock lamp sale. There were all sorts of lamps and lamps with tables out on the grass, and people were stopping to buy them. About 30 feet up the street were some men removing one of the large pine trees that grow in front of the apartment buildings. It looked to be a serious job. Then after that, in the shopping center, were a group of bicycle riders, all decked out in their bright, graphics-covered spandex. I wished I had my camera and could have taken photos. It looked like a Richard Scarry picture book.

Coming back, the bikes and arborists were gone, but the lamps were still out. There was a beautiful dog with silky blonde curls with its feet up on a table while the human pondered a lamp.

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