Monday, September 3, 2012

3 September 2012

Sometimes people really anger me. More and more I despair about the human race, or feel disgusted by things that we do. I told my sister once that I'm naive, I want to believe we can find the common ground, I want to like people. So I have a love hate relationship. I guess we all do.

Really, I wanted to start this blog post with the statement that some of the people in Reno are jackasses. But people everywhere are jackasses. I went to a birth choice rally today. It was a peaceable small little thing, like-minded folk on the birth front getting together to advocate for the concept, and to share in a national thing. There were rallies all over the country. It was very small, but since it's Reno, the news showed up.

KOLO News 8 posted a photo on their facebook, and negative comments started coming.
Trinity: I want to throw water balloons at them. Gently of course. =p
Christine: Did someone confuse Labor Day with April Fool's Day?
Christine: And where is the rally against invasive appendectomies vs. laparoscopic procedures? (cue hyperactive, humorless, outraged comments about comparing a piece of one's digestive tract to a human life)
What a bunch of idiots !.......this won't be an issue when your country goes down in flames! For your country's sake get your bloody priorities right!!!!!!!!

Thankfully a lot of the reponses were positive, and it looks like some of the negative ones were removed. Most of the negative ones were about how there are more important things to worry about. Worry is like love--there is more than enough to go around for everyone.

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