Thursday, June 7, 2012

6 June 2012

Today was the last day of school for the girls. I woke up this morning at 5 am, then started thinking about things and all that regretful nostalgia that seems to attack me at night. I finally fell back asleep, then had dreams where people kept ignoring me or stealing my stuff, and I finally had to get mean before people would pay any attention to me. I woke up as my older daughter was leaving for school. The younger one was already up, but I guess needed something, so she was sitting outside the door, causing it to bounce against the jamb, or something. Normally the dog does that. In the middle of my getting dressed routine, the older girl texted me from school (I guess she had opportunity on the last day to do this), to tell me she forgot to turn in her check for geometry camp. I had to run the check up there at around 7:45, and I was able to talk to her Algebra teacher. I found out that she got 59/60 correct on her CBE, which was a 98%. That made me very happy for the rest of the day.

The weather has been chilly the last couple of days. On Monday in the second grade class, there was a walking field trip to a park a mile away. I signed up to bring pizza, so I walked down to Godfather's once we got to the park. But the cold front moved in, bringing terrible wind. The kids walked back to school wrapped in their picnic blankets, and I ended up getting stuck at the back of the line with the 3 slowest girls, and my daughter who was slightly ahead, but kept lagging, waiting for us. Tuesday was field day, but it was cold! I ended up helping the librarian out with her event, the wet sponge toss. The girl was not looking forward to field day, but when I saw her there, she said she was having fun.

Today the middle school let out at 11 am, so I didn't really have time to do much of anything other than run around and buy some teacher gifts. I went to Napa-Sonoma, Barnes & Noble and Raley's. Then I picked up the older girl and we came home where I prepared a lunch for the younger one; we both went to the school and all had a picnic lunch together out on the front lawn of the school. Finally they were able to eat outside again because the temperature got up into the mid-60's by lunch time, and it was quite nice in the sun.

I'm always rather sad on the last day of school, and yet happy and excited too. Then I feel like we can do many things, there is so much promise at the beginning. There are so many languages to learn, stories to write, things we can do! I bought a leather bound copy of the complete works of Shakespeare today at Barnes & Noble while I was buying a gift card for the teacher. I wanted to thumb through it and read different things, specifically the sonnets. Then I thought it might be fun to write a sonnet, but when I mentioned it to the older girl, she did not agree. I asked her for some ideas, and she said love or death--isn't that all sonnets talk about? Oh, I'm sure we could find something funnier.

I walked the dog tonight, and again I notice how nice the peaches and cherries are looking. I only wish we had a fruit tree. The birds are already getting the cherries, so I plucked one from the tree I passed, and ate it, and it was pretty good.

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