Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday November 5, 2010

I've been thinking about my neighbors as I make my way around the block with my dog everyday. Specifically their political stance they choose to represent with various signs and bumper stickers. This past election there seemed to be a lot fewer signs, but I remember them from years past. On one side of me is an older couple who drives old model Cadillacs--I mean pretty darn old, I'm thinking at least two of the sedans come from the 80's or earlier. They are the kind of cars my father liked and would choose to drive. They have bumper stickers on them which say Stop Socialism, Vote Conservative. At some point the Stop Socialism half got covered up with a God Bless the USA type of flag sticker.

They are nice people, generous with the Halloween candy, bought a poinsettia from my daughter when she was selling them for her choir, gave us plastic bags when we went collecting for a recycling fundraiser. The people on the other side of us have changed through the years, I don't really know much about their politics. I assume the original owners were Republicans and the woman who lived there for awhile afterwards was a Democrat. The only sign in their yard now, different owners again, is for a local justice of the peace race. This was the first year in 8 Halloweens that someone in that house handed out candy, as far as I know.

Next to them is another older couple--well, an older woman and a younger woman, her daughter. I don't know if there is a man there now. The grandchildren used to live there, but they have moved. They driver older model German cars, at least one fairly old Mercede- Benz, could be from the 80's, and a BMW. Nice looking cars, I like those older models. They have had political signage in the past in support of Kerry, H. Clinton, Obama. Veterans for Kerry signs. They are also generous with the Halloween candy, giving out full sized bars and one they gave out glow bracelets as well. They also bought a poinsettia.

To the side of them is an older couple with no visible political affiliations, but they do love Scottie dogs and have a beautiful, well decorated yard. Next to them what I think of as somewhat problematic neighbors, mostly because of some hostilities that arose with the HOA. There was some negativity around all of that, but I personally didn't have a problem with them when I was the secretary of the HOA. I did have the guy come to my house and call me when my daughter, unbeknowns to me, ran after me as I rode my bike out of the driveway. They refused to pay their HOA fees, but also refused to sign a document that would legally disband the HOA. They pulled out their lawn over a year ago and it's still dirt. Their teen/young adult kids have bike and skateboarding ramps in the driveway, and ride out into the street. They have a chainlink fence segment covered with a brightly colored plastic tarp to help keep their dogs in the backyard, and their dogs bark all the time. They also are very anti-Obama. I noticed a giant McCain sign in their house. They were dark for Halloween this year.

Next to them, a beautifully landscaped home by another very anti-Obama family. They have stickers on their car about how Obama is scary, the window sticker of the little kid peeing on the name of Obama. The only contact I have with them is when the man called to complain about his neighbors lack of landscaping in the back yard. He's a professional landscaper. I'd bet the dirt yard in the front is causing some hard feelings, but maybe they've bonded over their Obama & Reid hating commonality. They were also dark for Halloween. My dog pooped in their yard that night. I went back and cleaned it up early the next morning.

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